My name is Blossom Blackwell and I have been working at Southwood Golf Course for about 12 years but, in 2011 I took on the catering as my own business.  


WOW! Scary!  


Over the past 6 years or so I have really made it my own and have built up a reputation as a provider of great times and equally great food! I have worked on over 500 functions so I am a seasoned pro.  But everyday is a school day and I am mindful that your party is not mine - it's yours and that makes you the boss!  


Some of you are control freaks and to give your important day to someone else is a big deal - I get it; really I do; but I work together with my customers so they know what's going on at any one time and I am working to the plan.  


I offer a personal service - you get me at the beginning, leading up to and on the day.  Come and have a chat and a coffee.